Mothers Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s day is fast approaching, in NZ it’s Sunday May 11th. Here is my gift guide for Mums out there, all are things I think are pretty affordable and shouldn’t break the bank! x

Mums that love pampering

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

// Ecoya Gift Pack for Mum
This set of hand cream and candle in Sweet Pea and Jasmine is divine. Who doesn’t love a little pamper time? Lighting a candle and applying hand cream while watching my favourite TV show is perfect me time – and I know your mum would love this too! RRP $39.95

// Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Shampoos & Conditioners
When something says developed with Claudia Schiffer you know it’s going to be good. Claudia is renowned for her stunning looks, great body and luscious hair, so a hair care set that is developed with her – I want in! Only the best for mum x  RRP $14.99

// Cordovan Natural Lipstick from Karen Murrell
This colour looks divine, and I would love to give it a go myself. I have a feeling it would compliment the pink of my lips stunningly, creating a ‘my lips but better’ colour – perfect for daily wear! RRP $30.00

Mums that love to cook

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

// Cook with Me from Aaron Brunet
Okay, I think this mother’s day gift guide is turning into a Laura gift guide. No shame here though. This is the cookbook i’ve been looking forward to, from mast years MasterChef NZ winner Aaron. Are you watching this years duos? RRP $49.99

// George Foreman Mix and Go Smoothie Machine
This little machine looks like a crazy contraption! I saw it on display in and wondered just how it worked, after seeing how easy it is to use to make delicious smoothies I definitely think this would make a great gift! RRP $59.99

// Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker
I have a slow cooker, and I absolutely love using it. I’m really passionate about cooking, and after getting one of these I understand that cooking things slow and for a long time really can improve food, rather than just boiling the flavours out. A definite good buy if your mum loves too cook! RRP $69.99

// FoodieBox Subscription
This is only a bonus as it’s not quite *ready* yet. From the girls at GoodieBox comes FoodieBox, a subscription box where each month they deliver a hand picked selection of exciting & scrumptious goodies. Don’t worry, we will let you know when you can sign up!

What’s in my Make Up Bag? with Makeupper, Round Two!

We let Makeupper take over the blog again today, this time it’s Camille! Check out her sister, Christel’s, What’s in My Bag post here.

Camille from Makeupper shares what in her bag! Whats In My Bag? Laura Laura Blog Firstly, I’d like to say how honoured I am to write this guest post for one of my favourite blogs, The Dizain Collective.

Lately, my bag has acquired a nick name, which is ‘The magical bag of treasures’ (thanks to Christel)

I don’t know how half of this stuff ends up in here, honestly.

Box Fit Free Pass
You never know. I may end up using this one day!

Salt & Pepper Sachets
Nothing upsets me more, than ordering a take out meal and its lacking S&P. Come on people, you must season your meal! If I have spent my hard earned cash on your chips, they better be salted up.

Badger Lip Balm – Vanilla Madagascar
I’m prone to dry/cracked lips. I’ve spent years looking for a balm that doesn’t leave my lips feeling greasy. I am happy to say that Badger Lip Balms are fantastic! No greasy feeling after applying and they keep my lips super kissable and soft!

USB Flash Drive
I like to keep my most precious photo memories with me at all times. You never know when you might need a mid day pick me up.

Gum & Mints
I suffer from Acid Reflux (eck). The only things that help are gum and mints. They hide that horrible taste and help me get through when I’m having an especially bad reflux day.

iPod Touch 16GB Pink & Typo Earphones
I tend to use my iPod mostly for audio books these days. At the moment I am listening to Animal Speak – Ted Andrews. Fantastic book to help you connect with nature and your Animal Spirit Totems.

Skinny Sun Glasses
I tend to lose my sun glasses all the time. Like, at least 4 pairs a year. So when I went to Big Boys Toys and they were handing these out, I was super happy. At least I wont feel bad when these ones get lost…

Wallet with all the goodies
I met a lovely girl named Tas, while on my anniversary holiday last year with my partner. We became super good friends (Tas and her parents manage and run the Mellonsfolly Ranch). She sent me this awesome wallet for my birthday. I love her. I also love this wallet. Perfect size and totally my style.

Pendants of Fluffy and Saprana’s ashes
When my two best friends passed away, I had them cremated. Every day I miss them, so every day I take them with me. Even though they aren’t with me on this earth anymore, I can still spend time with them this way. They are a very important part of my life. I will never forget them. <3

Rawleighs Soap Strips and Dettol Hand Sanitizer
I’m a germ freak. I am forever washing my hands. Hand Sanitizer is a must for my daily dog walks. After scooping up Chinooks mess (even double bagging my hand), I sanitize. Then I sanitize again, for good measure. The soap strips are awesome for those remote toilet stops, where they never seem to have soap. Why? Just, why?

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint
I don’t wear make up very often, but Benetint can always be found in my bag. Its perfect for those days where I look pale. I just whip some on my lips and cheeks and away I go!

Lets face it, iPhone battery life is crap. So this is my saving grace when i’m out and stuck with 3% battery!

Who leaves home without it?

I hope you enjoyed my post!
Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Camille xox

DIY: Easy Glitter Manicure

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

Easy manicure? YES PLEASE! Need a quick nail manicure that isn’t the “same old thing”? This DIY Nail Tutorial is just for you. Grab some glitter, and you’re basically ready to go!

// What You’ll Need

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Glitter, craft glitter is totally fine (I got mine from the local $2 store)
  • Small Bowl

Glitter Manicure Tutorial - Glitter Nails DIY

1. Prep your nails for a manicure, I like to make sure my nails are clean and remove any cuticles. Apply one layer of base coat. I’ve used Seche’s Rebuild.

Glitter Manicure Tutorial - Glitter Nails DIY

2. Place your glitter into a small bowl, make sure there is plenty in the bowl. Apply a coat of base coat, one nail at a time.

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

3. Place each nail into the glitter for a few seconds. Move the nail around a little bit to make sure you get good glitter coverage. Alternatively place your nail over a small bowl and pour the glitter over it.


4. Wait for the polish with glitter to dry for a minute or so, then clean the sides of your finger of the excess glitter. Repeat until all fingers are covered in beautiful glitter.

Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

5. Apply top coat and let dry.

Voila! You are done – a super quick manicure, perfect for these autumn months thatare approaching, and super versatile.

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What Social Media do you use?

What Social Media do you use?

After the #NZBloggers chat this weekend, I’ve discovered that other bloggers use different means to promoting their blogs than I do, and I wanted to reach out to my readers and other bloggers to find out what they use and love.

So, I thought I’d share with you my hierarchy of social media use* for my blog, because as a blogger from New Zealand, you really need to rely on social media to get known.

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+

Does my hierarchy surprise you?

One of the social medias which was mentioned a few times was StumbleUpon which, I will admit, I got into a few years back, great for when I was bored at night not doing a lot, pressing that random button brought up some great things. I honestly thought that it wasn’t around anymore, until the other night. I’ve been investigating it and will take it into consideration for some blog posts I do especially DIYs.

Here are some other social medias I really want to get into using, or investigate using to help promote my content and blog so that more people can see it – and of course experience me!

  • YouTube
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Bloglovin’
  • Can’t think of any more…

I’d be really interested to find out from readers and bloggers: What Social Medias do you use?

If you are a New Zealand blogger, make sure you join in on the #NZBloggers chat, it’s Sundays at 8pm-9pm – just remember to use that hashtag!  

Printables: Free Easter Printables!

Cute Easter Printables for Free

A month or so ago I shared some great printables for around the home and around the office. Today I bring you some cute printables i’ve found for Easter!

Free Printables for Easter!

// Easter Garland
Minieco have these great bunny printables available for free – perfect for printing out on different coloured paper and cutting out! If you think the mouth is a bit hard to cut with scissors – you’ll probably need an exacto knife – why not get creative and make each of the bunnies have different personalities? Grab these easter bunny printables now

Easter Invitation Printable - Free

// Easter Party Invitation
Having a easter party? These cute invitations are sure to be a hit. Design is Yay features twice in this one blog post, mainly because everything they have is so awesome. Head on over there now to download this sweet sweet easter invitation printable.

Easter Basket Printable

// Easter Egg Basket
You now have no reason to give a easter egg in boring or it’s original packaging. Add an element of surprise to your easter egg and wrap it up in this cute easter egg basket. Download it now

Cute Easter Printables for Free

// Happy Easter Egg Carton Wrap
This is a printable I am definitely using this year – it’s so simple and creates such a cute personal touch. Grab a leftover carton, print this cute label out, fill the carton with chocolate eggs and – bam! You’ve got a personalised easter gift pack. Grab this easter printable from Design is Yay now!

I absolutely loved doing this round up, sometimes it’s hard to find really cute ones that will make an impression, so i’m glad I found a few that you guys can print and use – for free! I’ve added these, and more to my new Printables board on pinterest – follow me?

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Join me in creating conversations that count!

Start a Conversation that Counts

16 April is Conversations That Count Day. It’s a special day to raise awareness about advance care planning so that people start thinking, talking and planning for their future and end of life care.

This might be something that you skip over – that’s fine – but I hope it sparks something in the back of your mind at least, to start thinking about the future.

Looking back to when I was growing up I feel that I was lucky, I didn’t have many family members or friends that passed away or that got ill. Everyone seemed to be old, but not that old. When both of my grandfathers passed in the same year, there was a lot drama and stress involved with sorting everything, everyone out.

Ever since then i’ve always had a seedling growing that I will organise myself for when i’m an adult. When Maddy sent a link to Conversations That Count Day, I realised that I’m now a full blown (reluctant) adult and I’ve not had these conversations with myself yet, let alone my husband. It’s time.

Guys, i’m gonna be the first one to say this: Talking about dying sucks.. But once you’ve started the conversation, that big elephant in the room you didn’t know was there will start to make it’s way out, and a weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

There’s a Conversations That Count community page on Facebook for sharing your stories and feedback, or head to the Advanced Care Planning website for tools and more information. There are step by step prompts to help get you started!


DIY: Easter Nails

Easter Nails - Nails, Easter Nails, Nail Art Tutorial Easter

Hello again! Serra here form Peacock Pie! I have another easter nail art tutorial for you all to try out! These little guys are easier than they look, and are super cute!

I bought these gorgeous KBShimmers recently from Harlow & Co and thought they would be perfect for a fun mani. The colours I used are Orly White Out and Liquid Vinyl and KBShimmer Pansy-Monium, Life Rose On and Sky Jinks. 

Nail Tip: Always remember to use a good base coat to protect your nails from staining. Blue, green and yellow polishes are notorious for leaving their mark.

What You'll Need for Easter Nail Art Tutorial

Step One Nail Art Tutorial Easter

1. Paint your nails with your favourite base colours. Bright and dark colours will contrast best with white bunnies.

Step Two - Nail Art Tutorial Easter

2. Using your nail polish brush carefully paint half circles at the tip ends of your nails

  Step Three - Easter Bunny Nail Art Tutorial

3. Using a small brush (you can trim down a brush to thin out the bristles if you don’t have a tiny one) paint on the bunny ears.

Step Four - Nail Art Tutorial from Peacock Pie for Easter

4. Once step 3 is dry, add in the pink detail on the ears  Step Five - Easter Bunnies Nail Art Tutorial

5. Using a small dotting tool or a tooth pick add in the eyes and nose and little whiskers.

Eater Nail Art - Peacock Pie - Serra Clark

6. Seal it all with a top coat and you are done!

Eater Nail Art - Peacock Pie - Serra Clark

Oh and just for fun, I added a little bunny cotton tail on my thumb :)

Easter Nails - Nails, Easter Nails, Nail Art Tutorial Easter

xoxo Serra

DIY nail art tutorials by Serra from Peacock Pie for The Dizain Collective. Check out more inspiring nail art from Peacock Pie on Serra’s website

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15 Day Drawing Challenge

15 Days of Drawing

Amanda of Wit and Whistle has come up with this great little challenge, 15 Days of Drawing, and I’ve decided to give it a go! I’ll be posting five drawings up once a week for the next three weeks – and I think you should do it too!

THE CHALLENGE! Draw these things:

1. a pattern
2. an animal
3. your favorite thing to wear
4. something you found on the ground outside
5. recipe instructions
6. a word
7. an insect
8. a cross section
9. an animal doing something only human’s can do
10. something in a jar
11. a diagram
12. something you’re afraid of
13. a plant
14. your favorite food
15. something microscopic

Are you going to give it a go? Use the hashtag #15DayDrawingChallenge and make sure you check out Wit and Whistle!

Leave a comment if you are and i’ll be sure to follow your blog to see your drawings xx

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