Featurette: Planet Bake Life

Featurette: PlanetBakeLife

Featurette: Planet Bake Life

Another featurette is here! I love introducing these bloggers to you, these contributors and sponsors are close to me, and I feel it’s important you know a little bit more about them too x

This time a mini Q&A with Samantha of PlanetBakeLife! Similar silly questions!

// If you were a household item, what would you be?
I would have to be a fridge. Everyone loves their fridges, they hold all the awesome stuff like cheese and beer. And for my 21st birthday I was actually gifted a fridge. Best birthday present ever.

// Who is your favourite writer?
My favourite writer is Kate Atkinson. She writes human interest pieces that are just so beautifully interwoven. I can read her books 20 times over and never get bored of the story. She ventured into crime drama for the little while but she’s back to human interest stories which I’m so pleased about because I couldn’t quite connect with her crime genre. It was really was a bit too graphic so I’m excited to start her new release in the next few days.

// What’s your go-to breakfast?
If it’s the weekend then it’s pancakes all the way my friends. With cream and maple syrup and sometimes some banana but never berries. I don’t eat any kind of berry. But if it’s the week then I tend to have something at work while I wait for the bread dough to rise. Normally just toast with jam and cheese and a piece of fruit. I sound healthier than I feel.

// Who is your favorite Captain Planet character?
My favourite character is Captain Planet himself because he went back in time to defeat hitler but also because green hair is just amazing in every way possible!

// Describe your worst date
My worst date is just a non-starter really. I was pretty young and nervous and I didn’t want to go on my own so I asked a friend and her boyfriend to come with us. We went to the movies to see Valiant (the movie about war pigeons with Ricky Gervais) and my date brought me black and red wooden roses. I still have them in a vase in my room. We said barely anything to each other and he left as soon as he could. That guy and my friend who came with me ended up getting married to each other so it all worked out in the end I guess!

That was Samantha of PlanetBakeLife – good friend and fellow cat lover!

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