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Photography Workshop, #laptopclub #thewarehousenz #firelyamber

Go Do // #laptopclub Photography Workshop

This weekend just been I helped host a photography workshop with  I had so much fun, despite being incredibly sick and fighting off hayfever! Anyway, Amber of Firely Amber took the class by storm and taught everyone that moving away from AUTO mode on your camera was OK and that your camera isn’t something to be […]

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Over the last wee while I’ve been coming up with a challenge that gets #nzbloggers working together, gets them excited and inspired to blog. #BlogGreatness is the result of a little bit of planning, a bit of love and a lot of thinking. Today I was so excited to finally share and announce #BlogGreatness with the […]

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Great WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Laura Laura Blog

For The Bloggers // What Have I Got? The WordPress Plugins Behind Laura Laura

I’ve done quite a bit of talk of my favourite or recommended plugins for WordPress but I thought I should probably share what is actually going on behind the scenes of Laura Laura, so that you guys know exactly what – and why – I use certain WordPress plugins to run Laura Laura! This post is focused […]

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Social Media Wordpress Plugins For Bloggers

For The Bloggers // Social Media Plugins Roundup

Last time I shared with you my top four WordPress plugins for bloggers. Obviously there are a bunch more, but I wanted to start of small to see what kind of reaction I’d get. You guys kept asking for more, so today I’ve got some WordPress plugins specially for social media. Social media is so […]

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For The Bloggers - Wordpress Plugins

For The Bloggers // Top 4 WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

As some of you know I’m a Web Designer and Developer by day. Blogging is a big hobby of mine and I really enjoy doing it, and do wish I could do it more. It gives me a little bit of a creative outlet when I need it. I had a long honest chat with […]

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#nzbloggers nzbloggers

#nzbloggers Chat! Q&A Session

Last night I hosted my first #nzbloggers chat on twitter – the chat is usually hosted by blogger Rachel, where she asks a series of questions and New Zealand bloggers get the chance to answer, debate and chat together for an hour. This week Rachel and I changed it up a bit and asked bloggers to […]

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Featurette: Planet Bake Life

Featurette: PlanetBakeLife

Another featurette is here! I love introducing these bloggers to you, these contributors and sponsors are close to me, and I feel it’s important you know a little bit more about them too x This time a mini Q&A with Samantha of PlanetBakeLife! Similar silly questions! // If you were a household item, what would […]

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Featurette: A Lovely Look -- Beauty and Lifestyle

Featurette: A Lovely Look

So, you might’ve seen some sponsors and friends on the sidebar over on the right there – I thought it was high time to introduce you to them – so you can figure out a little bit about them and maybe figure out how their amazing enough to make it to my sidebar! First up […]

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