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DIY Polaroid Pictures Template - Download for free, LauraLaura

DIY // Print your own Polaroid Pictures!

I’m an avid photographer – especially of my baby nephew Jax! It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time to print out photos that I’ve taken.  I recently got a new HP Envy printer and it’s made this goal so easy to complete! Just to make life even easier – and make sure there […]

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Baby It's Warm Outside - Summer Printable by Laura Lock, free summer printable

DIY // Free Summer Printable

Today I’ve got a free summer printable for you! This could make a cute Christmas or Birthday present.. I’ve been tossing up the idea of doing a few prints for the blog for some time now, and since I’ve had a little bit of free time recently I finally had the chance to make one! […]

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DIY Nail Tutorial - Spring Daffodil Nails, Flower Nails, Flower Nail Art

DIY // Spring Daffodil Nails

Hey again, Serra from Peacock Pie here! What better symbol of summer than the daffodil! You can paint these bright daffodils over any background to brighten up an accent nail or the whole mani! I made a gradient background for my daffodils. You can skip this part and use a solid background if you prefer. […]

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DIY Nail Tutorial - Snowflake Nails

DIY: Snowflake Nails

Hi again! Serra here from with a winter snowflake design just in time for the last cold spell to kick in! (Bring on spring!) For this manicure I have used a blue called Serenity by Star Kin and Orly White Out for the details. My favourite base and top coats to use at the […]

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DIY: Marble Nails

Hey all! I’m back with another Nail Art Tutorial for you. This marble look is really really surprisingly easy to create! You will need a white, or light coloured base, a good top coat, some acetone free nail polish remover, q-tips and three or four nail polishes. The best polishes for this are cremes that […]

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Beauty DIY Homemade makeup remover

Beauty DIY: Moisturising Make Up Remover

What if I told you that you could make your own anti-ageing, moisturising make up remover with only two ingredients and no more than $20? I would probably sound like an infomercial but I’d also be right. The recipe I have for you today is super easy and works amazingly well – it even takes off long-wear eye makeup! […]

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DIY Nail Art - DIY Aztec Nails

DIY: Aztec Nails

Hey again everyone! This is a design that you can make as hard or as simple as you like and you can colour and pattern coordinate it to match your clothing or accessories! I chose to use pastel colours so that the black lines would stand out better. I don’t actually own many pastels so […]

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Make your own Dry Shampoo - DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY // Dry Shampoo

Hey there hey! It’s me, Sam, from PlanetBakeLife again! Did you miss me on LauraLaura? I bet you did. But I’ve used the time wisely and come up with some new beauty DIY’s that come straight out of your pantry. And today’s is super easy because it only has two ingredients and is chemical free. Whether […]

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