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Natural Milk Recipes Beauty Milk Recipes

Secret Recipes: Body & Skincare

All kinds of foods are good for our skin. Blueberries, avocado, water! We eat and drink an endless stream of things to nourish ourselves from inside out. But what about outside in? The following are three foods that are amazingly good for your skin – no eating required! Milk The well-to-do have been taking milk […]

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DIY Lip Scrub, Vanilla flavoured lip scrub DIY

DIY: Lip Scrub

Having dry lips is the worst, it makes any kind of lip gloss or lipstick look gross and it doesn’t feel pleasant. Last week I was experiencing a spell of dry top lip – the worst – and decided to whip up some lip scrub with what I had in the pantry. I looked up a […]

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Coconut and Ginger Hand Balm Tutorial from Laura Laura Blog by Sam

DIY: Ginger and Coconut Hand Balm

Does that title scare the pants off you? Well then you’ve been misinformed about balms my friends! Balms are actually really easy to make and they last forever.  They’re really good for you and make perfect gifts, have I sold you on making some yet? Good! There are two main ingredients in this balm, oil and beeswax. […]

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Step by Step Nail Tutorial - Glitter Nails

DIY: Easy Glitter Manicure

Easy manicure? YES PLEASE! Need a quick nail manicure that isn’t the “same old thing”? This DIY Nail Tutorial is just for you. Grab some glitter, and you’re basically ready to go! // What You’ll Need Base Coat Top Coat Glitter, craft glitter is totally fine (I got mine from the local $2 store) Small Bowl […]

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Easter Invitation Printable - Free

Printables: Free Easter Printables!

A month or so ago I shared some great printables for around the home and around the office. Today I bring you some cute printables i’ve found for Easter! // Easter Garland Minieco have these great bunny printables available for free – perfect for printing out on different coloured paper and cutting out! If you […]

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Easter Nails - Nails, Easter Nails, Nail Art Tutorial Easter

DIY: Easter Nails

Hello again! Serra here form Peacock Pie! I have another easter nail art tutorial for you all to try out! These little guys are easier than they look, and are super cute! I bought these gorgeous KBShimmers recently from Harlow & Co and thought they would be perfect for a fun mani. The colours I used […]

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DIY Easter Nails - Easter Nail Art

DIY: Easter Nails

Hello again! Serra here, Easter is coming, so I have some super cute easter nail art for you to try out! These little guys are easier than they look, and are super cute! As usual my basics are Seche Restore base coat, HK Girl top coat, Orly Liquid Vinyl and Orly White Out. I recently […]

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Easy DIY - Ombre Fabric Garland DIY - Lifestyle Blog

DIY: Ombre Fabric Garland

When change of season hits, I feel the need for change and new things. Ever since moving into our home we’ve not really done much with the lounge, so heavily inspired by Lovingly, Kate’s Fabric Garland post, I decided to give her DIY a go! As you can see our lounge’s focal point was a […]

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