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DIY Sequin Heart Brooch

via What you’ll need: Glue Gun Sequins Felt (any colour) Brooch backs or crocodile clips Scissors What to do: Cut out your heart shape from the felt. If you are like me, and can’t cut straight at all, print a heart shape off the computer and use this as a guide. With the hot […]

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Sequin Crazy


We’re all for bringing a bit more boom-boom-pow into our everyday life, and why not sparkle it up with sequins! This mood board hopes to inspire you to bring introduce sparkle and light into your day, everyday! Top row: // Sequin Table Setting // Sequin Wall Bottom Row: // Sequin Heart Brooch // Greek Style Sequin Headband // Prada […]

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Creative: Cutting Paper

I recently got a book on Papercutting out of the local library, The Crafter’s Guide to Papercutting by Emily Hogarth.  To be honest, I had it sitting there for a while but once I decided to read it, I was hooked. Essentially, you have a template or design and then lay that over the coloured […]

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