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Bright Home Wares - Mood board - Laura Laura

Mood Boards // Shine BRIGHT!

It’s been a wee while since I’ve done a mood board wish list. These types of posts are great for when I feel like I’ve got a pocket burning but I actually *really really* don’t – ahem, like right now. With it being the middle of winter, everything is a bit gloomy – including myself […]

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New Kitchen Wishlist

Mood Boards // Wishlist for the new kitchen

We’re moving! Oh my goodness, these last few months have been a whirlwind and a half, and I’m honestly not sure how I’m still standing – but yes, our biggest news right now is that we are moving house!  I’m nervous but completely excited. While packing and moving can be is terrible, there is definitely […]

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Gypsy Style Living

Mood Boards // Everything Gypsied

For a long while I’ve loved everything bohemian, gypsy, hippy, whatever you call it. I love it. It’s started off falling in love with mandalas and Indian artists and it’s grown from there. My first tattoo was inspired by the style and my planned second one is going to be a half mandala. This mood board […]

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White Bedroom Inspiration - Home Decor Inspiration

Home // Bedroom Dreaming – White Out

I seriously love doing these types of posts so much. Dreaming and wish-listing things have become a great pass time all thanks to Pinterest, and I find myself slowly but surely thinking about what I’m buying for the home more and more as I realise what I want my personal taste to be. Today I’ve […]

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Black Tied Jewellery

Coveted // Black Tied

I saw a picture of some Black Tied jewellery on twitter one evening, and fell in love instantly – the style these guys have are exactly what I love and wish my whole jewellery wardrobe was. After going through all of their items on their website and adding my favourites to my cart (cough* wishlist* […]

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Home Office Ideas

Home // Home Office Dreaming

Our home office is currently our new kitten’s (Eddie’s) room while he gets settled into our home and gets big enough to go venture outside, until then my home office is more a kitty bed and playroom. For he last three months though, I’ve been dreaming and planning affordable ways to spruce it up for when we can […]

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Easter Invitation Printable - Free

Printables: Free Easter Printables!

A month or so ago I shared some great printables for around the home and around the office. Today I bring you some cute printables i’ve found for Easter! // Easter Garland Minieco have these great bunny printables available for free – perfect for printing out on different coloured paper and cutting out! If you […]

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Burgundy Lips

Style Note: Burgundy Lips

All pictures found via Pinterest. I totally called this – just sayin’ When I saw Lorde wearing dark lipstick, I thought ‘goth’s coming back’. Now, when I saw goth I don’t mean goth goth, I mean dark makeup, dark hair and dark long clothes. All the ladies above look stunning in pale matte makeup with a […]

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