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Creamy Gnocchi with Chicken Recipe with Tegel's Meal Maker - Laura Laura Blog

Good Eats // Creamy Gnocchi with Tegel Chicken

Creamy pasta with chicken is my go to pick when I’m having dinner out. It’s something that love, is always tasty and is a bit of treat as getting it right at home can take time. Now that winter is here there is nothing worse than getting home after a long cold day and having to […]

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Good Eats Out // Besos Latinos

I really love Mexican and Latin American food, like a loooot, so when I got to go here for a Zomato meet-up I got really excited.  Besos Latinos offers traditional dishes from all over, including; Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama, along with a fine selection of Latin American cocktails, wines and beers. // The Food & […]

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Cheese and Bacon Chicken Recipe - Easy Chicken Recipe

Good Eats // Bacon Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Chicken

As the name of this recipe suggests, this recipe is for a small chicken breast that is stuffed with (two) cheeses, then wrapped lovely in bacon. Delicious, and easy – it’s what I’m all about! Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

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Olive Oil Tasting Tuscany

Good Eats // Tasting Tips for Appreciating Olive Oil

Having olive oil straight is not something I ever thought I would do until about 10 years ago when Dad brought home some amazing olive oils and dukkah to enjoy with fresh bread after a colleague of his came home from a trip abroad. I instantly fell in love with it and dukkah, and over […]

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Murder Burger - Great Burgers

Good Eats // Eating lots of burgers with Murder Burger

At the end of March, Murder Burger invited a bunch of bloggers along to try out their new menu!  I jumped at the chance to go along – I love blogger meet ups like this because not only are they always at exciting restaurants or cafes with delicious food, but I get to meet and network […]

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Tuscan Hot Smoked Salmon Recipe

Recipe // Tuscan Hot Smoked Salmon

There is nothing I enjoy more than some delicious salmon for lunch or dinner.  This meal took me less than 20minutes to prep and create – and it is packed full of flavour! I made it with Sealord’s Hot Manuka Smoked Salmon. Sealord Hot Manuka Smoked Salmon just took out the Massey University Supreme Award […]

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