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Nutri Bullet's Pineapple Lump Smoothie!

Good Eats // Pineapple Lump Smoothie

Want to try a delicious smoothie that is sweet and chocolatey? Check out this recipe for a Pineapple Lump Smoothie I created using my NutriBullet! Pineapple Lump Smoothie Recipe

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Barker's Fruit Syrup Rhubarb Raspberry & Rosehip

CLOSED – Win // Barker’s of Geraldine’s Squeezed Rhubarb with Raspberry and Rosehip syrup

You may have seen a wee while ago, my exclamation of finally finding my Signature cocktail. I named it the RRR Bellini and I’ve been loving making it for friends and families since. Since declaring my love for the Rhubarb with Raspberry and Rosehip Barker’s of Geraldine have gotten in touch and offered me 10x RRR […]

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Caramelised Onion Recipe - Laura Laura Blog

Good Eats // Caramelised Onion Tartlets

Earlier this year I was invited to celebrate Matariki with Madicattt and friends. It was one of the best nights of this year in my opinion.  Fantastic music, bonding friendships, and great memories were made. Not to mention the food. Maddy made us all an amazing hangi but had asked us all to bring a […]

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Chicken and Brocolli Pizza Recipe - Tegel Meal Makers

Good Eats // Chicken and Broccoli Pizza

Anyone else a big fan of hidden veges? I always grate up courgette or blend up some cooked brocolli and add them to meals for extra vegetable power – and you don’t even notice they’re there! I learnt this trick from my sister in law, she loves to do it with curries and her two boys […]

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Creamy Gnocchi with Chicken Recipe with Tegel's Meal Maker - Laura Laura Blog

Good Eats // Creamy Gnocchi with Tegel Chicken

Creamy pasta with chicken is my go to pick when I’m having dinner out. It’s something that love, is always tasty and is a bit of treat as getting it right at home can take time. Now that winter is here there is nothing worse than getting home after a long cold day and having to […]

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RRR Bellini

Good Eats // RRR Bellini

I think I’ve found my signature cocktail guys. I’ve been on the look out for it or quite some time and this one is pretty much me in a drink. Sweet, bubbly and oh so modest 😉 Honestly though, this RRR Bellini is delicious and really quick to make – two super easy steps has you […]

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Good Eats Out // Besos Latinos

I really love Mexican and Latin American food, like a loooot, so when I got to go here for a Zomato meet-up I got really excited.  Besos Latinos offers traditional dishes from all over, including; Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama, along with a fine selection of Latin American cocktails, wines and beers. // The Food & […]

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Vodka Tropical Cocktail

Good Eats // Lite Tropical Cocktail

I’m always down for anything tropical. Tropical flavoured juice, tropical takes on recipes, the list goes on. So when Barker’s of Geraldine released two new and unique fruit flavour blends to its fruit syrups range, with one of them being Tropical I jumped at the chance to use the syrup in a cocktail.  Both of […]

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