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Cheese and Bacon Chicken Recipe - Easy Chicken Recipe

Good Eats // Bacon Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Chicken

As the name of this recipe suggests, this recipe is for a small chicken breast that is stuffed with (two) cheeses, then wrapped lovely in bacon. Delicious, and easy – it’s what I’m all about! Bacon-Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

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Quick and Easy Recipe - Chicken Quesadillas

Good Eats // Easy Quesadillas

Quesadillas are far from attractive. So you will have to excuse how this recipe looks.  While the look of a meal can sometimes hinder how it tastes, this Chicken Quesadilla recipe is full of flavour and is so easy to make – it’s perfect for weeknights. With a few simple ingredients, a hot plate (or […]

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Olive Oil Tasting Tuscany

Good Eats // Tasting Tips for Appreciating Olive Oil

Having olive oil straight is not something I ever thought I would do until about 10 years ago when Dad brought home some amazing olive oils and dukkah to enjoy with fresh bread after a colleague of his came home from a trip abroad. I instantly fell in love with it and dukkah, and over […]

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Mac's Cider Range

Good Eats // Cider Cocktails Two Ways with Mac’s Cider

A new range of ciders has landed – Mac’s Cider – get ready to get your taste buds a work out! Mac’s has extended their range of delicious beers by introducing a range of crafted ciders and there are four amazing flavours in the range; Cloudy Apple, Chilli & Lime, Blood Orange and Cardamom, Cranberry […]

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Murder Burger - Great Burgers

Good Eats // Eating lots of burgers with Murder Burger

At the end of March, Murder Burger invited a bunch of bloggers along to try out their new menu!  I jumped at the chance to go along – I love blogger meet ups like this because not only are they always at exciting restaurants or cafes with delicious food, but I get to meet and network […]

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Smoothie Goodness

Good Eats // Green Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are still one of my favourite types of breakfast. I’m not a big one for cereal or hot cooked breakfasts, I would much rather skip it and go straight to lunch or brunch, in saying that, smoothies are an eye opener for me at breakfast time. They also make great afternoon snacks if you […]

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Low Cholesterol Recipe Round Up - Laura Laura Blog

Good Eats // Low Cholesterol Recipe Round Up

After my Diabetic and Gluten Free recipe round ups were such good hits, I thought I would do a bit of a focus on Low Cholesterol recipes.  When you have high cholesterol this (very basically) means your body is getting too much cholesterol to go hand in hand with the cholesterol it’s making for you.  You can […]

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Easy Iced Coffee - Iced Coffee Recipe

Good Eats // Easy Iced Coffee

There is nothing like a cold drink on a warm day. I was desperately craving something cold (and not fizzy) after being out in the sun the other weekend so I decided to whip up something fast and refreshing. Enter: Iced Coffee I always try to have some instant coffee in the house, you never […]

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