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A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail November Kit - Happy Mail ABM

Review // A Beautiful Mess’ Happy Mail – November

I love stationery. I’m borderline obsessed with it! I have so many journals and pens lying around my house. They’re all so pretty, not to mention super helpful to have! So naturally, when A Beautiful Mess announced they were bringing out a monthly subscription based stationery kit called Happy Mail, I jumped right on that. […]

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I review BOSSY's Brush Cleaning Pad and Shampoo! BOSSY Cosmetics

Review // BOSSY Cosmetics Brush Cleaning Pad + Shampoo

I am NOT going to share with you the horrible -left me crying- story of cleaning my first set of make up brushes today. No, in fact I’m going to share with you my new way of cleaning my makeup brushes – that is definitely cry and drama free. I’ve been using BOSSY Cosmetics Brush […]

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Clinique Sonic System - Laura Lock for Clinique #lifechanger #clinique

Review // Clinique Sonic System

Over the last week or so my skin care regime has changed. Like, life changing changed. Meet a skin changer. 30 seconds to beautifully cleansed and smoother skin. Sounds too good to be true – but it’s not with Clinique’s Sonic System. I’ve been wanted to try one of these guys since I heard about […]

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Cafe Review Auckland - Sierra Cafe

Good Eats Out: Sierra Cafe – Three Kings

Here is a new feature on Laura Laura! Mini restaurant and cafe reviews. This is something that I’ve been doing regularly on an app and website called Zomato – it’s so easy to use and they’ve made it fun to write quick reviews of places I’ve visited. Plus their search functionality is great for finding places to […]

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Athens, Travel Tips for Europe - Photo by Laura Lock

What to plan, when planning a European holiday

Europe is a great place to visit as everything is so close and accessible. It’s also a long way from New Zealand, so if you’re going to be spending so much money to get there, you might as well make the most of it. Here is a brief rundown on things to consider before making […]

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e.l.f Mini Haul + Review - e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f. Mini Haul + Review

It’s been a while since I could treat myself to some makeup. Moving jobs and adopting a cat in between jobs meant for a few months of low income, and high spending. I’ve settled nicely into my new job – been there a month now, wow! – means that steady income is back hence being able […]

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Circus Circus: Auckland Cafe Review

Sunday Brunch: Circus Circus

I was very excited to be going to Circus Circus, as I’d heard great things, and read so many good reviews. Perhaps this put my expectations too high, as I was left a bit confused what all the fuss was about.  This is a deceiving cafe for size. From the side we entered, it looked to […]

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Christel from Makeupper

What’s in my Make Up Bag? with Makeupper

What’s in my bag? We fell in love with Makeupper as soon as we read our first blog post! Makeupper is where Christel shares her love for beauty, jewellery and nail art. You’ll find great beauty product reviews too! We let her take the blog this morning to tell us what’s in her make up bag […]

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