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Beauty Blog: Beautylust Interview

Beauty Blog: We meet Steph from BeautyLust

We met the amazing Steph – from our new favourite beauty blog – Beautylust. A few weeks ago, you might have spotted our very own Laura’s interview on Beautylust.  While Laura had her interview, we also wanted to know a little bit more about Steph and her company! Who are you and where are you […]

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Influencer Review: TRESemme SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Review: TRESemme Split Remedy

Product review time: TRESemme Split Remedy! I was super excited when this product got sent to me! At the moment I have long hair, probably the longest it’s ever been in my adult years. It’s been over six months since I’ve had my hair cut professionally (yes, I just admitted to cutting my own hair, […]

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Reviews of February’s Samplebar Glambox!

We review February’s products in the‘s glambox! Full of amazing goodies – if you haven’t heard of Samplebar, make sure you check them out! It’s only NZ$25 a month, and you get at least five beauty products, cosmetics, etc. Full or Sample size! Tooth Spa, Fresh Orange flavour tooth paste This was definitely not my cup […]

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Sample Bar Glam Box Review

Sample Bar’s February Glam Box!

I received the February love-themed Glam Box from Sample Bar this afternoon, an awesome surprise and a definite cure for the Mondayitis we were having! Opening the box I instantly got excited seeing a few familiar products that we can’t wait to get our hands all over for reviewing! Have a look at the reviews after […]

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