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Must See Movies - Movie Bucket List - Laura Laura

Watch // Movie Bucket List

So the other night Forest Gump was on TV, I was sure that I’d seen it before but after about 5 minutes of watching it, it was apparent that I, in fact, hadn’t seen it. “OMG WHAT LAURA” I got a similar reception when I announced I hadn’t seen Mean Girls at a #brunchclub event […]

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Castle - Guilty Pleasure TV Shows - Laura Laura

Watch // Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

After a #brunchclub planning session, Lizzy from MyFoxyCorner and Hannah from A Lovely Look and I were all chatting about TV shows and sharing our favourites as recommendations. We got to talking about our favourite guilty pleasure shows and decided that we’d collab on a series of posts between the three of us, talking about […]

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Aloha Movie - Fox Movies NZ

Watch // Aloha Movie

Heading along to a movie premiere is pretty special – but when you get treated to Gold Class and croissants it just makes it that much sweeter! Myself and a few bloggers headed along to a special screening of Aloha, which is out this week, June 4th, in New Zealand. Aloha is a really attractive […]

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Movies for 2015 Laura Laura

Watch // Movies in 2015

Laura talking about movies. What is this? I’m one of the hardest people I know to track down and make go see a movie (unless its something fantasy and girly). Don’t even try and get me to watch a movie at home, no way.  I don’t know what it is, and for many years I’ve been trying […]

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