Christmas Time // Gifts for Cat Lovers

Ok I’ll admit it.. Basically this list of gifts for cat lovers is for me – I’m a huge cat fan and anything cat related is cool in my books, especially if it’s a homeware, kitchen or bedroom related item.

Gifts for Cat Lovers from Laura Laura

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Here is a wish list / gift guide for all of those crazy cat people out there. If you receive any or all of these goodies then I am insanely jealous! 

1 // Meow for Measuring Cups from ModCloth
2 // Cat Measuring Spoons via Urban Outfitters
3 // #TeamCat mug from Mighty Ape
4 // Cat Ear Ring from Meadowlark, or a dupe via Etsy.
5 // Basically anything Pusheen related
6 // Black Cat Tote bag from Society6

I think this list gives you a pretty good idea at what all the crazy cat ladies like!

Which of the gifts for cat lovers is your favourite? I couldn’t pick just one…
xx Laura

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  • Maddy de Young

    This is so cute xx

  • Ohmigod I love it all!

  • I feel like this post was written for me! I have wanted that meadowlark ring for so long! and how adorable are those measuring cups?!?! I love all of the options you’ve chosen!

    • Thanks so much Sheena! The measuring cups are sooooo my favourite! And yesss – that ring is amazing, I know a lot of people have it but every time I see it I want it.

  • Those measuring cups are so cute!!

  • Melissa Peaks

    I love the measuring cups, the coffee cup and the tote! I’m an a self confessed crazy cat lady!

  • OMGG! I love the measuring cups too!!…and the measuring spoons!!! This would go SO WELL at that new cat cafe (and in my kitchen…. when I have one of my own)

  • Ah those measuring cups! Literally everything in this post I need!