DIY Nail Art - DIY Aztec Nails

DIY: Aztec Nails

Hey again everyone! This is a design that you can make as hard or as simple as you like and you can colour and pattern coordinate it to match your clothing or accessories!

I chose to use pastel colours so that the black lines would stand out better. I don’t actually own many pastels so I used three of my own ones I made – a little cheeky! You can have as many or as few different colours as you like.

DIY Nail Art - DIY Aztec Nails

These are Pinki-Winkle, Wing It and Minti-Winkle. I have an Orly base and top coat and for the detail I used black acrylic paint (thinned down with some water or medium) and a really fine nail art brush.

You can get brushes online at or you can trim down the bristles from a thin art brush. Diluted acrylic paint is great to use for detail as it dries more slowly and you can just wipe it off with water if you make a mistake without ruining your background! Diluting the paint will allow you to make finer lines.

Remember to always start with a base coat so none of your colours stain your nails!

DIY Nail Art - DIY Aztec Nails DIY

1. Paint stripes of each of your colours across your nail. The stripes don’t need to be neat and I painted these just with the brush in the bottle. You can mix up the order of your stripes like I have done on each nail. Cover with a top coat and wait for this to dry completely

 Easy Nail Art DIY Nail Art - DIY Aztec Nails DIY

2. Using either a thin brush and your diluted acrylic paint, or a nail art pen, or even a fine tipped sharpie, paint horizontal stripes across each nail. Again don’t be too worried about them being neat or even. As long as you allowed the top coat from step one to dry completely you will be able to wipe off any mistakes you made with the paint while it is still wet.

 DIY Aztec Nails - Peacock Pie Serra Clark

3. Fill in between each line with different patterns. If you google image search Aztec designs you can get pretty of ideas! Seal it all off with your top coat and it is all finished!

I hope you like this look and give it a go!

xoxo Serra

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