DIY Nail Tutorial - Snowflake Nails

DIY: Snowflake Nails

DIY Nail Tutorial - Snowflake Nails

Hi again! Serra here from with a winter snowflake design just in time for the last cold spell to kick in! (Bring on spring!)

For this manicure I have used a blue called Serenity by Star Kin and Orly White Out for the details. My favourite base and top coats to use at the moment are Nail Tek Foundation III and HK Girl by Glisten & Glow. You can use a tiny nail art brush if you have one, or a toothpick or something similar.

DIY Snowflake Nails

Step One DIY Nail Tutorial - Snowflake Nails
1. A base coat is really important for this one because a lot of blue nail polishes will stain! 
Step Two Easy Nail Tutorial - Snowflake Nails Tutorial
2. Paint white crosses where you would like your snowflakes. Mix it up with different sizes and placements.
Snowflake Nails Tutorial from Peacock Pie
3. Paint X’s through each cross.
Snowflake Nails Tutorial from Peacock Pie
4. Add little V shapes to each branch of each flake where you can fit them. Some might be too small to add the lines, just go with what looks best
5. Dot in some little dots for falling snow and if you like you can place on some gems to give it some bling. If you have gems that don’t come with their own adhesive, a little dot of top coat under each one will hold tack them in place
6. Top coat over the finished nails, adding a second top coat where you have gems to help seal everything in place!
Wrap up warm and I’ll be back soon with some spring looks!
xoxo Serra

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