DIY Rose Nail Art in Seven easy steps! Peacock Pie and The Dizain Collective

DIY: Valentines Day Nails

Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration - Rose Nail Art

This is a slight twist on a classic rose mani perfect for Valentine’s Day! I’m Serra and i’ll take you through each step to create these beautiful Valentines Day Rose Nails.

For the base colour I used Orly Au Champagne. The red of the roses is China Glaze Ruby Pumps. The rose detail is Color Club She’s Sooo Glam and the leaves are Zoya Josie. My go to base coat and top coat are Seche Rebuild and Seche Vite

Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration - Rose Nail Art Polishes

You can use any colours for these roses, you don’t have to use the same ones I chose for a Valentines Day theme. I have always found that a pale background colour looks best – a pale blue is a fantastic alternative and you can also change up the rose colours if you want!

Always remove any old nail polish and apply a good base coat to protect and strengthen your nails. This is particularly important if you use blues, greens or yellows as they can leave nasty stains!

DIY Valentines Day Nails Step by Step

1. Apply your base colour and allow it to dry. I always use a coat of top coat here to speed up drying time.

DIY Valentines Day Nails

2. Using your chosen rose colour (Ruby Pumps shown here) dab on some rough spots where you would like your roses to be on each finger except for the ring finger. You can use the brush in the bottle for this. You don’t want these to be perfect circles so don’t try and be too neat! Allow these all to dry fully before continuing

Valentines Roses Nail Art by Peacock Pie

3. Using a smallish dotting tool or tip or a paint brush or bobby pin make smaller dots in the shape of a heart on your accent finger. This was the hardest part for me and took a few tries!

Roses Nail Art by Peacock Pie

4. Using a fine brush or a toothpick, Make small dots inside each spot with your petal colour (She’s Sooo Glam here) and allow to dry.

Roses Nail Art for Valentines Day

5. Draw small curved lines spaced around the middle dots. Again don’t try and make these too neat or uniform. Rose petals aren’t all identical!

Valentines Day Nail Art Roses

6. Add small curved lines spaced out around the outer edge of each rose to create the final petals. On bigger roses you can have as many levels of these petals as you need

DIY Valentines Day Nails Step by Step Roses

7. Using your leaf colour (Zoya Josie here) and your fine brush or toothpick paint in some leaves attached to each rose. Once everything is dry, seal it all with a final top coat and you are all done!

Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration - Rose Nail Art

You are now all ready to head out for your V Day dinner with pretty nails!
xoxo Serra

DIY nail art tutorials by Serra from Peacock Pie for The Dizain Collective. Check out more inspiring nail art from Peacock Pie on Serra’s website.
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