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The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation #nzbcf

This is a little announcement in your normal Laura Laura reading to ask you to donate a coffee or can of drink’s worth to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

In New Zealand, seven women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation helps save lives through breast health education, they promote early detection through mammograms, support men and women with breast cancer, offering free counselling and are constantly doing research for better treatment.

Join me, and TEXT Pink to 4644 now to give $3 right now from your phone to help the #NZBCF 

Laura xx

#NZBCF #NZPinkRibbon

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  • This is a great cause šŸ™‚ I’ve donated. I had a wee bit of a scare just last month actually. Had a lump and had to go to Breast Screening. Luckily it was just a cyst