Birthday Week Giveaways – Win an Easiyo Yogurt Maker!

It’s my birthday week and to celebrate I’ve got a bunch of awesome giveaways just for my awesomely loyal readers!

Laura Laura Blog - Birthday Week Giveaways!

Thanks to the team at Easiyo, I’ve got a EasiYo maker to give away! You guys know how much I love mine, so i’m super excited and honoured to be giving one away!

Treat yourself and the family! Enter to win an EasiYo maker + yogurt goodies below:

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Thanks for your support this year and previous ones! Laura Laura Blog is three this year and I’m 29 this week!
xx Laura

Laura Laura Blog - Birthday Week Giveaways!

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Life // Blooper Reel

It’s been a wee while since I posted! Real life is getting in the way at the moment, but hopefully it’s winding down a wee bit so I can keep on trucking with my blog posts.

A little while ago Lena from Lena talks Beauty shared with her readers a bunch of bloopers. I loved the post and laughed so much because I knew exactly the poses and unfortunate photos that she captured all too well. Today I’m sharing with you a handful of my own!

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopersLaura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

I constantly pull funny faces when taking photos of myself to try and make sure I don’t get too stiff..

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

When you try to sort out a good handle while rubbing your lips together and all you get is boobs. Check out the What I Wore post that this was from.

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

I call this one Vampy mid blink

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

When the camera slips as you’re trying to take a photo. This was from my Jeffree Star celebrity skin post!

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

When your pose is on point but your camera isn’t. Check out the fashion post this is from

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopersLaura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

Napping while taking photos is obvious a favourite pass time. 

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

Vampy mid-blink is back again!

Laura Laura blog, bloopers. Blogger bloopers

When you try to add volume to your hair mid-shoot!

I loved looking through my selfies and old blog post photos to find these! I am seriously not a good selfie, or even timer, photo taker and I think these definitely prove that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get one perfect shot. I definitely don’t take it too seriously 😉



Win // A brand new HP Envy Printer!

Two Free Printables from Laura Laura Blog

Thanks to the cool people at HP, I’ve been enjoying my new HP Envy 5640 printer, and they’ve very very nicely given me one to give away to one of my New Zealand based readers! 

Two Free Printables from Laura Laura Blog

To celebrate, I am also giving my readers TWO free printables to download – triple whammy happy time!

Two Free Printables from Laura Laura Blog

You can download the printable in the photos, and enter to win a HP Envy 5640 printer below

Two Free Printables from Laura Laura Blog

I hope you like these free printables – let me know in the comments if you do!

Enter to win a HP Envy 5640 Printer!

This HP Envy 5640 printer is great for your family! Easily create lab-quality photos and laser-quality text straight from your mobile or tablets. This e-all-in-one is designed to help you be creative and stay productive. It features:

  • Colour print, scan, copy, web, photo
  • 6.75 cm touchscreen CGD (Colour Graphics Display)
  • Walk up, edit and print right from the touchscreen
  • HP ePrint; Wireless (WiFi); Wireless Direct Printing

Want one? I know you do! Enter below:

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Enjoy – and get printing! Remember to tag your pictures with #lauralauraDIY – I’d love to see them!
Laura xx

Terms and Conditions of entry //  Competition is for one (1) HP Envy 5640 Printer RRP NZ$129. Winner will be chosen at random. Prize will be shipped out from supplier directly and is not responsible for any damages. To be eligible to win you must enter via the Rafflecopter application on the website and must be an NZ resident. The winner will be contacted via email given to the Rafflecopter form (usually facebook account address).  This competition is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Rafflecopter.


DIY // Print your own Polaroid Pictures!

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

I’m an avid photographer – especially of my baby nephew Jax! It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time to print out photos that I’ve taken.  I recently got a new HP Envy printer and it’s made this goal so easy to complete!

Just to make life even easier – and make sure there is no excuse – I made myself a polaroid template in photoshop, so I can easily pull in the photographs to photoshop and quickly print them off with my new printer!

I want to take you through my process, and then share with you the photoshop template I use, so you can make your own easy polaroid photos too!

DIY Polaroid Pictures

What you’ll need:

  • A Printer, I used my new HP Envy 5640
  • A4 printer paper, I would recommend 100+ gsm, but it still works great with 80gsm
  • DIY Polaroid Pictures Photoshop Template (download for free below)
  • Photographs on your computer

DIY Polaroid Pictures Template - Download for free, LauraLaura


  1. Collate your photos and edit them as you desire
  2. Go to File > Place Embedded
  3. Position image over pink box
  4. In layers, position photo layer over pink box, right click on image and select Create Clipping Mask. This will stop your photo from going outside the pink box
  5. Repeat untill all you have your desired amount of photos
  6. Export as PDF and Print!
  7. Trim the polaroid carefully with scissors or an exacto knife
  8. Display and enjoy!

So easy – and really effective. 

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

These are a great gift idea, or perfect for decorating parties and events.

Grab a copy of the photoshop file below – and be sure to show me on Facebook or Twitter if you give it a go!

Download the FREE
DIY Polaroid Pictures Photoshop Template

Who wants to make some this weekend?

DIY Polaroid Pictures!

I think these would look great with coloured or patterned frames to, especially hung up on a wall. You could also easily stick your printed out polaroid pictures onto a magnet for the fridge.Remember to share and tag with #lauralauraDIY when you make your own! 
Laura xx

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Beauty // Ten ways with Coconut Oil

Last year I remember the surge in popularity for coconut oil. I’ll admit I thought it was a phase and didn’t jump on the band wagon thinking that there was no way an oil could do so many amazing things.  A fellow #NZBlogger, Becca, wrote a great post about uses for coconut oil that you might not know of, which was the catalyst to get me to try coconut oil. Check out her post here.

Since then I’ve tried many many ways of using coconut oil in my everyday life. I thought I’d share with you ten ways I use coconut oil in my beauty regime, in hopes that you guys might share with me some ways you use it!

Ten ways with Coconut Oil in Beauty Regime

1// Makeup remover
This has been a recent addition to my routine. My friends Karin and Bella swore by coconut oil as a makeup remover, so I gave into peer pressure and gave it a go. It’s really gentle but super effective. I apply it directly to my face, massage it in, then wet my hands lightly and rub more, making the oil milky. I rinse off with water or with a soft towel – so freaking easy. 

Use Coconut Oil as a Moisturiser

2 // Body Moisturiser
I put this EVERYWHERE. It’s an amaaaaazing moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling and looking healthy. I find it especially great of dry skin areas like my shins and elbows. Coconut oil also has a natural SPF of 4-6, so while that doesn’t do a huge amount in NZ’s sun, there is a little bit of protection there!

Use Coconut Oil as a shaving cream/balm

3 // Shaving Lotion
As I said above it’s an amaaaaazing moisturiser. It also makes for a great (and moisturising) shaving lotion. My legs feel so good.  I’ve yet to get Graeme to try it as a face shaving lotion, i’m slowly working on it though – have any of your partners/or you if you shave your face, used it as a face shaving lotion?

Easy DIY Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

4 // Easy peasy Body and Face Scrub
I’m all about scrubs that are good for the environment. Never ever again will I buy a scrub that contains plastic beads that wash off my body and straight into the ocean never to biodegrade. I now make my own! Check out my easy Body Scrub DIY here

5 // Foot Soak
I f-ing love foot soaks okay? If you get me a foot soak kit for my birthday, I will love you forever. A close second is another bottle of coconut oil because I put a big lump of it in my foot soaking bucket when the water is nice and hot to let it melt in and it leaves my feet and toes so super moisturised. Oh yes – give it a go. It also works in normal baths too

Use Coconut Oil as Cuticle Oil

6 // Cuticle Oil
Straight from the container onto your cuticles, twice a day and you’ll be singing my praises! If you love a good manicure like me – this will help it last longer too. Win win!

7 // Face Cream
I hear you. You’re going “but it’s way too oily to put makeup on top of, my face will slide off!” I get you, don’t worry. I’ll admit that I’ve tried using it as a face cream in the morning, and it works if I have plenty of time to let it soak in – but most mornings I don’t have time for that. I use it as a face cream at night mainly. So after I’ve removed my makeup and rinsed my face, I’ll put a layer of coconut oil on my face, neck and décolletage and massage it in. 
It’s also a great eye cream if you wanted to target that area only.

8 // Leave-in Hair Conditioner
I did this recently and haven’t looked back. I took it some coconut oil away with me on holiday but forgot my normal leave-in conditioner. Most of the time I don’t use normal conditioner because I have S O  M U C H   H A I R, so it needs a little something to keep it from going super frizzy at the ends. I was desperate and thought well – I can put it on my face, I can put it on my hair. I melted a small amount of it in my hands and then ran it through the ends of my hair. I find it keep my hair shiny and it doesn’t weigh it down.

9 // Lip Balm
I use it straight from the bottle if I have a case of serious dry lips, but mixing coconut oil with some natural beeswax and essentil oils creates a super yummy and natural lip balm. I would do this if I had time, but straight from the bottle is just too tempting.

10 // Pimple Remover
If you have issues with pimples, I do about once a month, I use a combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil together on the pimples to reduce their appearance and stop them being so sore! Coconut oil is naturally an anti-inflammatory so can work wonders on mozzie bites too.

There are obviously plenty more ways to use coconut oil in your beauty regime, but these are my favourite. I tend to stick to one brand as I’ve tried a couple, but Blue Coconut Coconut Oil is my favourite. Blue Coconut have a great list of ways to use their product – not just for beauty! Check out their list here

Use Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

What are some ways you use coconut oil in your beauty regime?
Have you ever tried coconut oil in your beauty regime?
Laura x

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Life // Taking Stock

Photo via

Pretty sure every time I do one of these taking stock posts I love the idea of it but halfway through I’m like why am I doing this? I keep pushing through though because I really like reading over the old ones as I connect with my emotions from the last time and that helps me figure out where I’ve personally improved and perhaps where I need to get back to.

Anyway, if you haven’t done one of these types of posts before, I definitely recommend you do it. You don’t have to do it publicly!

Making : All sorts of crafty things now that I have a new printer
Cooking : Lots of dinners with Bacon. Bacon is so good
Drinking : Tomato juice, spicy delicious tomato juice
Reading : Nothing. Ugh.
Wanting : To give myself more creative outlet 
Looking : Forward to the rest of this year
Playing : The Sims 4, I love it so much
Wishing : For calm
Enjoying : Summer / autumn nights
Waiting : For my rocket to come
Liking : Illustrating again. Even though I’ve literally only just started I’m so excited to do it again
Wondering : How people manage a great work – life balance without everything falling out of line
Loving : The me times I have in the mornings I’m giving myself
Pondering : How to get exactly what I want out of life… aren’t we all?
Considering : Getting another tattoo
Watching : Smallville. All the Smallville
Hoping : That summer will stick round a little longer
Marvelling : At my friends who are going and getting what they want
Wearing : Comfy clothes and nothing else
Following : The people in my life that inspire me
Noticing : How I really need to make an effort with my friends
Knowing : I need to have an organising session with myself on so many levels
Admiring : My friend Sam and everything she’s doing for herself and wellbeing at the moment. You go girl!
Sorting : My life out – haha?
Buying : TRYING TO BUY NOTHING and not succeeding, thanks for reminding me…
Bookmarking : This. and This. and This.
Disliking : Donald Trump
Opening : Myself up to new things
Giggling : At this
Feeling : A little on edge but also hopeful
Snacking : On scones
Coveting : Everything on Etsy
Hearing : Incubus over and over never not listening to them.

Shoutout to Pip who has a blank one for you if you wish to do one yourself.

x  Laura

Photo via Unsplash


Beauty // DIY Body Scrub

Easy DIY Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

I’ve been loving using coconut oil recently – I use it pretty much in all aspect of my life it’s a little bit weird actually. It’s great for cooking with and also is well ingrained in my beauty regime. I’m combining the two today and sharing with you an easy DIY Body Scrub with only two ingredients.

Making my own body scrub is something that I will probably do forever. Exfoliating my legs with something super moisturising is so important and I get super dry calves, but also making my own means I’m saving money – and I’m not ever buying a body scrub again that contains those little plastic beads. They’re so bad for the environment!

DIY Body Scrub

Easy DIY Body Scrub with Coconut OilEasy DIY Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

What you’ll need

  • Coconut Oil, I used Blue Coconut
  • Coarse Salt, you can use coarse sugar too
  • Jar or bowl. I used a Mason Jar as it’s easy to get your hand in and out of.


  1. In a jar combine equal parts coconut oil and salt.
  2. Mix well with a flat knife.
  3. Add more salt or coconut oil if you feel it’s needed. You want the mixture to be easy to pick up, not too dry. Remember: It will start to melt in your hands when you pick it up

Easy DIY Body Scrub with Coconut Oil

To use

  1. Jump in the shower and wet your body parts that you want to exfoliate with your body scrub.
  2. Turn off the shower and grab your body scrub.
  3. Rub a good handful or two all over your body, or your designated areas. Be sure to massage it into your skin well, for optimum exfoliation.
  4. Rinse off with water.

When you jump out of the shower I would recommend slapping on a layer of coconut oil to keep your legs well moisturised

You can make this a face scrub and exfoliator by adding a little more coconut oil so it’s not so harsh, or a lip scrub by using fine sugar.

Have you ever made your own body scrub before?
Do you use coconut oil in your day-to-day life?

Laura xx


What I’m Wearing // 004 // Summer Nights

Plus Size Fashion, Kmart Dress, JORD Wood Watch

This outfit post is 100% inspired by Auckland’s humidity. It’s been really hot and sticky recently, so most summer nights I’m in a maxi dress trying to cool down.  

This is one of my favourite summer maxi dresses which I have in two colours, which I got from Kmart. I thought I’d share this coral geometric patterned one on the blog, as the blue one I have has had a fair bit of love on Instagram already.

 Plus Size Fashion, Kmart Dress, JORD Wood WatchPlus Size Fashion, Kmart Dress, JORD Wood Watch Plus Size Fashion, Kmart Dress, JORD Wood Watch

I thought I would try and pair my makeup to my new rose gold watch. I’m still in the throes of figuring out how to take photos of my eye makeup, so bare with me. I share in another photo below whats on my face. My new watch has had so many compliments on it – it’s a wooden watch from JORD watches, the style is Sidney (which is so fitting for me). Their watches are handmade and are all natural. I really love what they stand for, so am excited to talk about them and their watches whenever someone compliments me on it! For more info about them, check out

Plus Size Fashion, Kmart Dress, JORD Wood WatchJod Watch -

What I Wore
Dress – Kmart
Cardigan – Portmans
Watch – JORD watches
Bracelets – Gold, mums. Pandora, mine.
Shoes – Kmart
Makeup – see photo below


What’s on my face
Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer
Maybelline Fit Me! in 120
Naked 3 Palette, Buzz & Trick
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, in Soft Brown
Clinique Chubby Lash, in Black
LA Girl Matte Lipstick, in Hush
The Balm, MaryLou-maniser

What is you go-to hot summer outfit? A maxi like me, or something else?
Laura xx

This post was made possible thanks to, which means anything received for the post is for my time, writing, researching, and editing. Not my opinion. All opinions are and always will be, my own.


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