Style Note: Mad About Matte

Matte Nail Polish Style Note

I’m not a huge fan of out there nail art – you know the types – but this new craze, taking pinterest, blogs and the world by storm, one manicure at a time, is something I could definitely get used too.

Matte polish looks stunning on your fingers and toes, and makes a bold statement without blowing the budget or hurting your nails! Have you given it a try yet?

Photo Credits: // Silver and Black // Orange // Purple // Pink


Sample Bar’s February Glam Box!

Sample Bar Glam Box Review

I received the February love-themed Glam Box from Sample Bar this afternoon, an awesome surprise and a definite cure for the Mondayitis we were having!

Opening the box I instantly got excited seeing a few familiar products that we can’t wait to get our hands all over for reviewing! Have a look at the reviews after the break!

Sample Bar Glam Box Review

// Fresh Orange flavor tooth paste, by Tooth Spa, NZ Made
// The Skincare, night cream, by Shiseido
// Flirty Little Secret, firming cream with pheromones by Booty Parlor
// Mascara guards, by Lash Cards
// Dry nail polish, by Incoco * Love love love this stuff!

The cream with the pheromones should be interesting! Might have to try that one out next time I go dancing!

Overall I’m super happy with this months box, lots of really different and exciting products!

Remember to have a look at my reviews after the break!

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Style Note: Tres chic, Audrey!

StyleNote - Audrey

Everything about Audrey Hepburn’s style screams classic.  From ‘The Little Black Dress’ to the trench coat to the darling pearl earrings, the reason why her style is so timeless, so elegant is that it is simple. There are no frills or pleats, each item is a basic that every woman should have in their wardrobes, no matter the size, height or skin tone.  These suit everyone.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t put your own style twist on what you wear but a good basic wardrobe can make mixing and matching that much easier.  What will you wear tomorrow?

// Audrey in capri pants and classic white shirt
// Capri pants
// Boat-neck top

// Classic white shirt
// Essential Ballet Flats
// Burberry Trench Coat
// Gorgeous pearl stud earrings
// Hérmes scarf
// Oliver Goldsmith designed glasses, ‘The Manhattan
// The Little Black Dress

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Gold Medal

Golden Design Golden Style Moodboard

Golden locks, gold rings, golden retrievers. Whatever type of gold it is – it’s golden. Let this moodboard inspire you to aim for a few things that can bring a bit of sunshine to your day.

Tara’s stunning Bracelets got our gold star on this moodboard, we showed off here the Chakra bracelets but Tara also has a Zodiac range. Both in Gold and Silver. Check them out!

// Tara Wolf Gold Chakra Bracelets
// Jessica Durrant illustration “All that glitters is not gold
// Louis Vuitton Altair Clutch
// Golden Lightning Circuit Board Minx Leah Light Manicure

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