Creative: Cutting Paper

papercutting_dizainI recently got a book on Papercutting out of the local library, The Crafter’s Guide to Papercutting by Emily Hogarth.  To be honest, I had it sitting there for a while but once I decided to read it, I was hooked.

Essentially, you have a template or design and then lay that over the coloured paper you want as your final product, a cutting mat, and a X-acto or Stanley knife.  If you can get your hands on some removable adhesive it will make things that much easier.

I have kind-of done this type of paper cutting before when cutting out scrapbook paper designs for cards and the like but nothing like what I have produced from this book and of course, I didn’t want to do one of the easy ones first. Oh no!  The red heart with the wreath and stag was my first attempt.  Yes, it took a few hours but the result is amazing!

I found a super cute papercutting tutorial that is perfect as a gift for your love this Valentines Day. Why not give it a try!

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Style Note: Minimal Jewelery

Minimal Jewelry LoveJewelry might be small in size but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make an impact.  We’ve been a fan of minimal style for a while, and welcome dainty jewelry to our necks and ears with open arms, (and wrists!) Above is a medley of some of our favorite petite precious pieces from jewelers around the world.

From left to right, in rows:
// Gylda Chainsaw & Triangle 18KT Gold Plated Earring
// Sew A Song Minimal Triangle Bracelet
// RingRingRing Nymph Daphne Silver Ear Cuff (Does not require ear piercing!!)
// Hannah Naomi Ultra Thin Gold Filled Stacking Rings
// Ke Aloha Mystic Blue Quartz Gold Pendant Necklace
// Freckles in The Sun Gold Mini Skull Bracelet (Favorite)
// Children of Flowers Chevron Knuckle Rings
// Michelle Chang Sterling Silver Fox Ring

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Hey Four Eyes!


Would you have believed me in high school if I told you that looking like a ‘nerd’ would one day be cool? AND that in years to come, the fashionable kids would desire the look so much, they would wear fake glasses? Well – it’s happened. Glasses are officially “cool” to wear. (oh yeah, and they help me to see what I’m typing.)

Through most of their history, glasses were seen as unfashionable and had a lot of negative connotations. Thankfully, that only lasted a few centuries, and now they are more popular than ever.

Modern-day glasses are not only worn for their functionality, but their character too; which is brought to life by the most respected designers throughout the world. Naturally, this means they are coveted by movie stars, musicians, and whatever category ‘The Kardashians’ fall into.

With such an enormous range of styles and colours available, framing the face has never been easier. Most pairs are reasonably priced, which means one could afford to have quite the collection of styles!

// Top Image
// Left Middle
// BonLook Right Guy
// Oliver Peoples Right Girl

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