Travel/ 5 Great Ways to Save Money on Holiday

Are you heading off on an adventure in the coming weeks or months? Vacations are amazing fun, but they do eat into a person’s budget. Here are five great ways to save money when you’re next on holiday.

1. Avoid Restaurants

Restaurant food is an easy alternative to preparing and cooking food yourself, but it takes a seriously bite out of your wallet. Instead, why not opt for the types of food you’ll find handed out by street vendors?

These are a cheap alternative, but do carry some sort of risk when it comes to our health. Follow the Independent Traveller’s guide to avoiding getting sick while overseas to ensure you don’t fall victim to a dodgy tummy.

2. Plan Ahead

Think things through and plan ahead when it comes to your next adventure. If you craft a rough plan of attack for your next holiday, you should theoretically be able to budget for what you want beforehand.

With a budget in place, financial issues suddenly become far less of a concern. Skyscanner offer an excellent service which allows you to sketch out a rough plan of your travels. If you know roughly what you’re spending, you can plan accordingly.

3. Haggle

Don’t always accept the first offer you’re given at markets. You can barter with the vendor to try and lower the price of the items which are being peddled your way, with several tips available to make this process as profitable as possible for you.

Some of the priory snippets of advice they offer include:

  • Standing firm when they try to raise the price
  • Starting as small as you can
  • Comparing prices across the board
  • Walking away when you know you’ve lost the battle

Haggling has the potential to see you save a small fortune across the entirety of your holiday.

4. Avoid tourist traps

Area which are set up specifically to target taking money away from tourists are notorious for overcharging. These spots are aware people will flock to them, and take advantage of that by sending their prices through the roof.

Make sure you steer clear of buying food, drink or souvenirs from places like this. You’ll be horrendously ripped off and will end up splurging out a fortune.

5. Travel in low season

Certain times of the year bring with them wholesale reductions on prices. If you travel at a time of the year when there’s likely to be less on an influx of tourists, prices will almost certainly be cheaper.

Generally speaking, this will be at a time when it’s not summer or a school holiday in the country you’re headed to. Read up ahead of time to discover when this is.

Have these money saving tips provided you with a clearer idea of how to save cash when you travel? Follow them closely and you’ll come back with a decent sum of money at the end of your adventures.  

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