What I’m Wearing // 002 // Pretty in Floral

http://bit.ly/glassonslauralauraWhat I Wore // Laura Laura

Have you ever found an item of clothing that you love, it’s comfortable, makes you feel good no matter?

That is 100% this dress for me. It’s so easy to wear, to accessorise with and feels so comfortable when I put it on.

What I Wore // Laura Laura

Round two! Here we go. I did my first ever fashion post a few months ago and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it, if it would be worth it for you guys to see what I wear – even though it’s nothing fancy. I got some good feedback (thank you) and I’m back with my second post.  Since the first post a lot of things have changed, including us moving house – which is one of the reasons why it’s been a wee while since the first one.

Anyway, the dress. It’s one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. Floral, colourful and perfect for the cooler months with some stockings.  I love accessorising this dress with black or brown. I have a belt (that I couldn’t for the life of me find, thanks to moving house) that is a beautiful caramel colour which matches my handbag and boots and it really compliments the reds.  I also have been known to pair it with a lighter coloured cardi…

What I Wore // Laura Laura

What I Wore
Dress – Kmart, $25
Black Cardi – Pagani, $30
Brown Cardi – Glassons, $15
Glasses – Bonlook
Lip colour – see below

On my face I kept it simple as I was trying out some lipstick colour blending on my lips to create this deep red. I was wearing Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint in Medium, Estee Lauder’s Eyeshadow Decadent Copper and a blend of Rimmel’s 22 and ColourPop’s Wet. 

What I Wore // Laura Laura

I would love to hear your honest thoughts on LauraLaura having posts like this in the future, as a project manager / web developer my wardrobe is a little bit limited, and is quite casual, but it is what it is, and thats me!
Laura x

  • I love this! I love this dress. How long ago did you get it aka do you think they might still have them? We have similar style and similar sizes so I am ALL for more fashion posts <3

    • Thanks Lena <3
      I got it a few months ago at Kmart, but I was in one the other day and they had a top with the same material and dresses in the same style so It could be that some stores have it still – I'm thinking about grabbing a second one so it lasts longer, haha 😉

  • This dress always looks stunning on you, and your makeup was so on point in this post! Please keep doing these posts, I love them!

  • I love this dress! It looks good with or without a belt. I love Kmart!

  • That dress is awesome. Can’t believe it was only $25. Kmart has the best bargains.

  • Love that dress and your lip color is gorgeous!

  • Such a nice dress Laura! Love the Kmart finds 🙂

  • Thanks Georgina xxx